In the world of style and elegance, Jesinta Franklin stands out as a leader. Renowned for her impeccable taste and innate sense of fashion, Jesinta has captured the hearts of many with her effortless charm and charisma. Recently, the Franklin family has embarked on an exciting new chapter, making the bold move to the Gold Coast. This transition represents not just a change of scenery but an exploration of the concept of "home." Jesinta invites us to delve into her world, reflecting on what the notion of home truly means to one of Australia's most beloved icons. Welcome to an exclusive glimpse into Jesinta Franklin's Gold Coast adventure with MCM House.

I finally feel like I’m starting to find my own style and groove.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and
what you do.

I always find this question hard to answer! First and foremost I’m a mum to two beautiful children, Tullulah who is 3.5 and Rocky who is 2.5. For the last 13 years I’ve worked in the fashion and entertainment industry as a model and also a brand Ambassador for some pretty amazing brands. My work has allowed me to travel all over the world and to do this day I love experiencing new places and always thrive off adventure. 

I currently reside on the Gold Coast with my husband and two kids. We love the outdoors and spend a lot of time exploring the beautiful beaches here as well as bushwalking and hunting down the best waterholes, creeks and waterfalls. 

You’ve recently moved to the Gold Coast into your beautiful new home. What inspired your decision to relocate and how has this change impacted your approach to interior design?

Ever since we became parents we knew that we wanted to get out of the city and live somewhere that provided a better lifestyle for us and the children. When we stumbled across the listing for our home online, it was a no brainer. We had found our dream home in a dream location - the Gold Coast! We adore the weather, the beaches and also the beautiful Hinterland. There is an ease to life in QLD that we just could never achieve living in Sydney. All of this definitely influenced my approach when sourcing interiors for our new home. We wanted an ease and flow to the home, we wanted it to look and feel effortless and homely. 

How would you describe your
approach to style?

I finally feel like I’m starting to find my own style and groove, I am working on creating a simple wardrobe capsule for my day to day

dressing. My focus is on good quality, classic pieces that are interchangeable and will last a lifetime. I think the most stylish people have pretty simple and pared back wardrobes, it’s then about reinventing those pieces each season. It’s more sustainable and takes the stress out of dressing. 

Do you feel this approach lends itself to the way that you have styled your home?

When it comes to interiors I don’t like things to be over done or too perfect. I am a very visual person so I love to create mood boards, it’s all about a “feel” for me. I don’t think you should ever buy trendy pieces for your home, if you buy the right things, especially the big things, they will be able to be with you for a long time and be able to stand the rest of time, it’s the same concept I’ve applied to my wardrobe.  I’ve had some of MCM House pieces for years and years. 

Are there any stand out pieces in your home that you love the most?

I love our dining room. We have shared so many meals around that table as a family and had many fun card nights with friends. 

I also love the Elio sofa in the kitchen/living area, the removable covers are just so practical and I love that I can change the configuration. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

For me, travel is always so inspiring. My dream would be to travel the world collecting treasures for our home. 

What does home mean to you?

Home for us has always been somewhere where we can fully relax and be surrounded by family and friends. We always have guests and some days won’t even leave the house - it’s our calm in the chaos. 

Go-to dish to cook for friends?

A roast chicken and green apple and herb salad. 

Favourite room in the house?

The open planned kitchen and living room. When we wake up it is drenched in sunlight, and the sounds of the birds have become our morning soundtrack. At night we sit on the couch and we can see the entire coastline glittering and when there’s a full moon the entire ocean lights up. It’s just a magic room with such a calming energy. 

Top restaurant recommendation?

I can’t narrow it down, there’s so many amazing places we love on the Coast. Rick shores - we love going as the sunset sets, the kids play in the sand and we can enjoy cocktails! Whenever we go I just pinch myself

and can’t believe how beautiful the lifestyle is. The Farm&Co in Cudgen is also up there for us. It’s all farm to plate and honestly some of the best food I’ve ever had. My dream day would be a swim in the ocean followed by a long lunch here. The fields of sunflowers and location is just magic! 

Favourite season?

Summer !

If you could be anywhere in
the world where would you be?

At our home on the Gold Coast. It’s our sanctuary. I am very content where we are now to be honest. Every day feels like a holiday. Although, a white Christmas has been on our wish list for a long time. So I would say, Paris in Winter!