Charlie's Euro Travel Diary

A European summer through the eyes of Charles Hinckfuss

Join Charles Hinckfuss, the founder and creative mind behind MCM House, as he shares his favorite European spots from his recent travels. From vibrant Soho House to the serene gardens of San Domenico Palace, come explore these treasures with a design and culture enthusiast. Get ready for a journey that turns each destination into a canvas of inspiration and creativity.

01 Soho House Rome

Recently completed Soho House in Rome truly is a place that you can visit and not want to leave. Breathe taking views of Rome with every possible element required to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Sun. Fun. Food.


02 The Prada Foundation, Milano

Finding inspiration in art is always something one must look for when travelling. The Prada foundation really is the pinnacle of brand flex that inspires anyone that has their own creative pursuits. Side note: Find the perfect summer slip on! This really sets the mood each day. My go-to are the Lyder Sneaker in Yellow by Bally.

Bagni Misteriosi, Milano

The energy and eclectic mix of people in the middle of summer finding a spot to cool down provides lasting images of the styles and time we live in.

04 Hotels with rooftop pools

Hotel roof top pools are a must when travelling in the middle of summer along with the best views. You’re also guaranteed a breeze and people watching that always provides a story for dinner.

05 The Gardens of San Domenico Palace

The gardens of San Domenico Palace provided the most amazing backdrop for my friends wedding. Breathtakingly beautiful scenes that will always stay with me.


06 Conca Del Sogno

The ultimate mid year refresh, this iconic restaurant always delivers the most memorable moments of a European summer vacation.