Product Care

Caring For Your Timber:

MCM House timber products are designed to give you many years of enjoyment. Our timber is sourced from local and international indigenous hardwoods and are pre-seasoned to ensure maximum longevity. The beauty of choosing natural timber products are the unique characteristics and features within, such as varying colours, grains, and textures.

The natural characteristics of timber also respond to the environments in which they are placed. Splits and cracks may appear and should not be seen as a fault or a flaw, but should be celebrated as the timber takes on its own unique character. These changes in the timber will not compromise the construction or structural integrity of the furniture. And, as we cannot control the environment in which you place your timber product, we cannot control or predict the changes you will see in your timber. We suggest to minimise movement in the timber, it should not be placed outside in direct sunlight, near fireplaces, or in heavily air-conditioned areas.

We’re aware some clients prefer to avoid any characterisation and instead retain the showroom appearance of their piece. For this we always recommend surface protection; tablecloths or place mats for meals, avoid hot surface contact, avoid oils, grease, and spills such as butter. 

Maintaining Your Timber:

Like any big investment piece in life, timber products do require maintenance or restoration from time to time, depending on how it is used and cared for. In order to care for the appearance of your timber product, we suggest avoiding direct contact with heat, liquid, and abrasive cleaners or chemicals. To clean your timber simply use a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust.

The MCM aesthetic is for our timber products to gain character and reflect our lifestyles over time. However should you want to retain the original appearance of your timber item, we suggest a water-based sealer (clear matte finish) be applied every 12 months. 


Our warranties do not cover any damage caused by negligence, wilful damage, acts of God, misuse or failure to care properly for goods.

A copy of original invoice and a photo is required for warranty requests. Warranty claims can be made to our After Sales & Customer Care team using our form here.

Surface Movement:

The natural characters of timbers respond to the environment in which it's placed. Due to the Australian climate and the drought conditions we are currently experiencing surface movement may occur. As such, any movement, splitting, cracking or joint separation can be serviced by our dedicated maintenance team.

You won't find an antique piece without some kind of character which is exactly why we love using natural solid timbers. Like a loved pair of leather boots, both need love and care from time to time. We do provide a timber maintenance service. To find out more information, please contact our service team here.

Please note surface movement is not warranted and falls under maintenance. Any damage from contact with water or liquid will also be void of warranty.

Structural Integrity:

A two year warranty from the date of purchase covers the construction and frame of our timber products.

Should you have any warranty claim regarding the construction of your timber product please contact our customer care team via our online form here.