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Feb, 2019

MCM House x Sitchu

Mcm House director Charles Hinckfuss sits down with Sitchu Magazine, talking about all his favourite pieces and to let us in on his favourite local hang out spots.

Sitchu: Have you always been in furniture design?
Charles: I actually wanted to be a painter, but I ended up buying and selling antique furniture, which in turn lead down the path that became MCM House. The process of buying so many decorative items helped train me to have a unique eye when designing my own collection.

What was the motivation behind MCM House? How does the story begin?
MCM is a collection of furniture designed to sit together with almost any style or period. It’s essential contemporary and classic designs at affordable prices. People are collecting great pieces that have a positive impact on their lives, and it’s become a strong focus for home owners with the house being the biggest personal asset.

MCM is about supplying a large selection of pieces that are aspirational but attainable. The basic aesthetics are natural elements, wood, linen, steel and glass all combined to create organic simplicity.

Describe your brand in three words?
Timeless. Classic. Contemporary.

What are your five favourite pieces in your showroom right now?
The Elio Modular is a winner and we're adding a lot of new fabric options to this range in 2020. I also love the Bobbi Chairs, they have a soft but fresh look against almost all surfaces. We've also just added a velvet option to the Rex range, adding a rugged lux look to a classic frame which will be loved by many.

You have collaborated with many beautiful restaurants and hotels – what have been your favourite?
Da Orazio in Bondi was a favourite of mine. It really set the tone for a very modern take on an old school vibe. The recently refurbished The Dolphin Hotel, Sydney in Surry Hills was also a really rewarding project that has since won many design awards.

Can you give us a little teaser of what we can expect to see in your upcoming collections?
Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing new paint finishes on new collection pieces. Plus, some unique storage solutions.

 What are the three key items a person should be investing in for design longevity in their home?
Large scale furniture pieces. Always go large for bold, impact pieces that have maximum effect. A great piece of art that resonates with you. A simple colour palette that suits your lifestyle. Having a good basic or foundation to work with in your home is key.

MCM House boasts a high quality, modern and minimal aesthetic. What styling tips would you give to someone wanting to emulate this feel right throughout their home?
Paint the floors white. It will give you an instant fresh and minimal aesthetic. Soft mood lighting is also key to throw shade across all the natural elements in your space. Use some primary colour in artwork to define the space and add sharpness to all the soft clean furnishings that come with the aesthetic. Something old and something very new mixed in adds that magic contrast vibe.

What’s next for MCM House?
An online store and a big expansion of our homewares collection.

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