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At Home with Emily Yates
by Gritty Pretty

MCM House features in Gritty Pretty; At Home with Emily Yates.

I built myself an office and it feels so amazing. Half my life is taken up in front of a computer and this is the first time I've ever had a dedicated space to work in.
It just feels really amazing.

Axol Coffee Table

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Emily Yates’s new home is pretty much finished. A state well known to self builders and renovators. “We’ve moved in, and everything inside is mostly done. It’s the exterior and landscaping that’s getting done now. We’ve been living with things half finished for months but it makes you appreciate every little thing that gets done so much more.”

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Gritty Pretty @gritty_pretty
Photography & Creative Direction: Nicola Sevitt @nicolasevitt
Producer: Tanika Rouillon @tanikarouillon
Talent: @emelinaah

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